Cold temps, low humidity, harsh winds and more exposure to indoor heaters can draw moisture away from the skin resulting in dry, cracked skin.

If you are prone to skin conditions such breakouts, acne, eczema or psoriasis winter is the time this usually flares up.

 Here are some of our tips to keep your skin looking better during the colder months.

1. We love a scolding hot shower in winter but this can strip your skin of the important oils it needs. Try to wash your face with cold, warm or luke warm water.

2. Buy a humidifier, not only are they amazing at keeping away the dreaded dry throat during those cold winter mornings and cold and flu symptoms but they are great for skin. A humidifier adds moisture to the air which prevents dryness and irritations. They can even reduce snoring win-win.

3. Change up your skincare routine, our skin needs different things during winter than it does during the summer months. In winter our skin usually needs hydration, hydration, hydration. The best thing to do is add moisturising serums and products onto damp skin straight after cleansing.

4. Avoid cranking the home and car heater. Your skin can suffer from overuse of heaters. The air that is sent out through the heater, dries up natural moisture in the air within the room. This dry air, leads to dryness and roughness in your skin.

5. Try Selfcare Socials Social Skin LED Light Therapy Mask, their LED Mask uses Red, Blue and Amber light therapies to treat a number of skin concerns. Their Red light heals irritated skin, boosts collagen which increases hydration in the skin as well as fights the skins of ageing. Blue light helps eliminate acne and clear up breakouts. While Amber light brightens tired, dull skin.